Have you ever heard of a saying: “Whatever you focus on – grows and expands.” I believe it whole-heartedly. I’ve seen it work in my life as well as observed in other people’s lives how our focus dictates the trajectory of our life.

If you focus on the problems and challenges in your life, you’re only going to create more of them.

On the other hand, if you focus on the positive things in your life, whether it is something that you have in the present or something you desire to have in the future – you will create more of that.

I know, at times it may be hard to always keep your focus in check, but keep in mind, it’s like a muscle, you must train it. To begin you can take a few minutes every day to be present and be aware of what you’re focusing on. As time goes on, you’ll get really good at it and it will become second nature to you.

It’s all about the way you feel, if you feel depressed and uninspired, most likely you’re focusing on the wrong things. If you feel happy, excited with a relentless zest for life, you operate on a higher frequency, therefore you will create the life you’re striving for!

Yes, I know. Sometimes life throws curveballs at us, no matter how successful we are. And when that happens it’s crucial to get back up as quickly as possible, shake off the dust and go at it once again!

  1. Stay positive.
  2. Get rid of negativity.
  3. Set a “Zero-Tolerance Rule” for any type of complaining in your environment (yes, even if that means you have to have a chat with your family or the people you live with).
  4. Infuse your home and workspace with positive vibes and good energy.
  5. Focus on what you want to create in your life, not what stresses you out or what you don’t have any control over.
  6. Don’t react to stressful situations, instead choose to respond. Responding, while technically a reaction, takes into consideration the desired outcome.

Although these tips seem simple, they have completely changed my life and the lives of those who implement them.

Now, it’s your turn. Give it a try! I know this will also be a game-changer for you. Remember, focus ONLY on things that you want to grow and expand.

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