Ever wonder how some coaches or consultants get high-quality clients all day long, while others spinning their wheels, not sure what they’re doing wrong.

It all comes down to attracting the right type of person for what you’re offering. The first question that I have for you is, “Are you clear on exactly who you are serving with your offer?”

If you are, then you MUST be ok with rejecting those that are not that person.

How do you do that? Well, it all starts with your funnel. It’s important to set up a filtering system on the front end – which will filter out those that are not your ideal client avatar. Before you even get on the call with them.

In this video, I show you exactly how I do it and how you can literally clone the same exact funnel for yourself and start using it within minutes!

#1: Go to https://www.EllaConverse.com/Kartra

#2: Copy this Campaign Code: AY7pydBIKTlF

#3: Import the Campaign into your Kartra account

#4: Join the Funnel Vault to get access to my video training on how to fully customize this funnel: https://www.EllaConverse.com/Funnel-Vault

**MUST join Kartra through my affiliate link to be approved.

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