When it comes to writing anything, for most people it’s a challenge. Especially when it comes to writing something that convinces people to buy something. It’s not only art, it’s also science.

In order to sell somebody something, you’ve got to do four things:

#1. Catch their attention

#2. Capture their interest

#3. Arouse their desire

#4. Motivate them to take action

Today, I’d like to focus on step #1 – how to get someone’s attention with ‘curiosity evoking’ headlines.

First and foremost, we’ll start with the most logical and simple trick, let’s say you’re talking to a crowd and you’d like to capture someone’s attention, what do you do?

You call them by their name!

Obviously, you could only use this trick in personalized content like emails, but what about your blog, ad copy, sales letters, videos, etc.. where it has to be more generic?

What do we do then?

There are a few other effective ways to do it.

  1. Share news
  2. Promise a benefit
  3. Do both in the same headline

A good example of that is, “This brand new remote-work opportunity has allowed Suzie to fulfill her dreams of traveling!”

Some great words to include in your headline are: Finally… At last… New… How to… The secret of… 3 ways to… and so on. You get the point.

Don’t forget to split test your headlines. As they say, “Write without fear. Edit without mercy.” If your headline is not as effective as you expected it to be, don’t be afraid to edit it or even scratch it all together and write a new one.

Your headline can be either be very profitable or a deal-breaker, that’s why it’s crucial to master how to write great headlines. What is the best way to get good at writing headlines you may ask? Well, that’s easy – it’s by writing headlines.

Also, what helps me personally is to do extensive research – find some of the best and highest converting headlines and study them, long and hard. You’ll discover the strategy behind that headline and you’ll know how you can model it for your business.

Go get it rockstar ✶

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