Is there an exact “formula”?

Not exactly, but there are certain common features that successful people exhibit and that anyone can practice. They are what can jumpstart your success and create the life you want.

Here are the seven principles you can follow:

#1 Take Full Responsibility For Your Life

A common belief that is holding most people back from the life of their dreams is that somehow they think they are entitled to all the good things in life. Good money, good relationships, good health, and so on. These people keep making an excuse that since they are not getting all those things, someone else must be responsible. Needless to say, this belief doesn’t take them anywhere in life. In reality, until and unless you realize that you are 100% responsible for everything in your life, you won’t ever live the life you really want.

#2 Be Clear About Your Life Goals

In order to achieve anything in life, you have to first know exactly what you want to achieve. To do this, you need a clear purpose and a clear goal. Once you have a goal, then and only then you can work out a plan to achieve that goal and move towards your dream life.

#3 Decide what you want from life

Decide what success or happiness means to you. Does it mean more money? Better relationships? Better health? Anything else? All of it? Unless you have decided what you really want from life, you won’t ever live a life worth living no matter how hard you work. This decision can make or break your life so decide wisely.

#4 Believe In Yourself

Once you have decided what you want from life and have clear goals you want to achieve, the next thing is to back yourself 100% and believe in your ability to achieve anything you set your mind to. For a long time, scientists believed that humans responded to the information flowing into the brain from the outside world. But recent research has shown that we respond to what the brain expects to happen based on our previous experience. This shows that you can do anything you want as long as you believe in yourself.

#5 Be Positive

Instead of being negative and expecting everything to go wrong, tilt the odds in your favor by being an optimist. Expect good things to happen and more often than not; they will. Even if they sometimes don’t work out, staying positive and waiting for the next good thing will keep you on track towards your goals.

#6 Celebrate Your Successes

Once your hard work starts to bring results for you, it is important to take some time out and enjoy the small successes. Celebrating these successes on the way to your bigger goal will help you unwind and make the journey towards the life you really want to live, all the more pleasant.

#7 Become a Person of Value

You must give to receive. It’s important to think about what you can offer of value to the people around you, your subscribers, your customers, anyone you come in contact with. How can you make this world a better place? Discard the mentality of “What’s in it for me?”, instead, focus on “How can I bring value to others?”. The more you serve others, the more blessings you’ll have in your life.

Guest Post by Heidi Fraser

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